Winter in Our Mother City



This Winter, SORTED Helps Uplift Rundown Communities and Organises Your Dream Space

Winter has come in and made herself at home, once again, and it is time to take stock of the basics, necessities and luxuries around the home. A few new throws for the living room and extra winter sheets for the bedrooms? Perhaps some warm winter woollies to wear?

Your mind has been redecorating and planning your home to suit the winter mood. The old couch has seen its last days and is no longer warm and snugly, so you move it to the garage. The curtains will have to go as well because they do not match the new couch. The old television is gathering dust in the corner now that we’ve bought the plasma, and it would be lovely to downsize the dining table since we are not that many any more. While you are bringing in new stuff, there is really no plan of what you will do with the old ones and so the piling becomes part of your space, and you somehow make it work. For a while.

With each passing season we add to the new items that we’ve bought, or that we have received as gifts, and they accumulate in the corners of our space. We plan on giving stuff away at some point but with our realistic schedules we don’t find the time to select and categorize what it is that we need to keep or give away. We plan every year to declutter in spring and we never get round to it, we haven’t done it in so many springs now, the clutter has piled up. So much that we slowly limit ourselves, over the years, without even realising it’s happening. (Yes. We’re becoming like our parents.) The old, unwanted stuff that we haven’t used in years takes up space that we could be using for relaxation or meditation or as an art enclave or as an additional think space… And yet we know that for us to not feel crowded or closed in, it is essential to declutter and sort our space for all the seasons.

We at SORTED can help with sorting and organising your space into becoming the dream home, office or garage that you’ve always wanted it to be. Room by room. Detail by detail. We go through and help you categorise your items, making it simple to make the choices that you, up till now, haven’t had the time to make. We then sort and rearrange the space into what it is that best suits you.

Some miles away, someone needs a bed, because their furniture was destroyed in a fire or by flooding. Someone could do with new knitwear, blankets, and other winter-time necessities. Your old unwanted items could become someone else‘s new, needed and much cherished possession. This winter, you could have SORTED remove the unwanted items from your home to make a tangible difference in somebody’s life. Your unwanted throws could be a blessing to that homeless man who sleeps in a bus shelter, or your childrens’ old jerseys could provide warmth to those children living in the squatter camps all over the country, your old carpet or mattress would be a warm sleeping place for a struggling single mother and her children.

SORTED goes the extra mile to be the link between you and those in need. You can even choose your charity if you wish.

So, with SORTED at your service, not only are you decluttering your space and turning it into a winter dream, but you are also providing for the less fortunate. You can be the change and hope in their lives. You won’t be throwing anything away or letting it gather dust anymore but you will be actively engaging in the positive upliftment of livelihoods, without having to lift a finger, because SORTED does all the heavy lifting. Sounds great, right? Give James a call today on 083 275 3376, or call our office on 021 558 5930, and find out more about how we can help, or visit our website to learn more about our services.

Written by Cynthia Chitongo