Unlock Your Passion for Success


Do you know what your own unique and special Talents, Abilities and Gifts are – in other words, what your Passion is? Do you know what capabilities and resources lie dormant or underdeveloped within you?

We all have a goldmine of resources within us which, with a little digging around, can be revealed and used to improve, enhance and bring joy into our own and others’ lives.

Start digging by looking at what you love to do – your Passion. If you had more money than you needed and didn’t have to worry about finances, what would you be doing? Take a moment to sit quietly and really think about the things you do that come naturally – your Talent. This is the skill you have to quite naturally do something most people might consider difficult. It is an ability you are born with.

Continue digging – what Ability does that Talent express? Ability is a natural or acquired skill or talent. If your Talent is cooking delicious meals, your Ability might be knowing which herbs and spices to use in curry, what ingredients go well together, how to rustle up a mouth-watering meal from a half can of beans, a potato, an egg and a bunch of parsley.

Now, how will you share your Talent and Ability with the world – what is your Gift? If, for instance, you are a natural cook, you can share your Gift by cooking for your family and friends or sharing your knowledge and skills with others.

However, your Passion should not be restricted to your personal life – it is important that your Talents, Abilities and Gifts are incorporated into your business life as well. Too often we find ourselves in jobs we hate – slogging away from 9 to 5, waiting for retirement so we can finally indulge in our Passion. Unfortunately, by the time retirement comes around we often are too tired, worn out or disillusioned to pursue this Passion.

We all have the right to lead happy and fulfilled lives, on a personal AND business level. If you want to live your Passion, join SORTED on 5 November 2014 for an interesting, exciting and life-changing talk by Transformational Therapist Shaldon Fitzgerald.  Shaldon will focus on how to discover your Gift in life, to focus on your Passion, and how to implement this into your business in order to be happy and successful.

For more information contact james@sorted.za.net