There is a Place for Everything

See EARTH, then YOU, then YOUR SPACE

THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING – and everything has a place.

Have you ever looked at a documentary of earth? If so then you realise how big the world is and how tiny you are.

(I found this 2,5 minute comparison on YouTube – there are lots more:

Now take it further and think of all the ‘things’ that surround us, the emotions they spark in our thoughts. We realise that the smallest item can play a large part in our own little world.

We live in a very big world where every single thing, believe it or not, has its place.  If you have something that is not serving a purpose, not being utilized in any way, but is simply taking up earth space then it is in the way and needs to be somewhere else.  You may have paid a fortune, or nothing, for it. It may be a rare antique with a history to tell, or maybe it has travelled far.  You may have inherited it, or it’s a loved and cherished possession – but if all it does is take up space and gather dust, then this ‘thing’ is in the wrong place.

Look carefully at each item in your space. When last did you open that cupboard/drawer, use or even SEE that item.

You may agree that every item may have a home somewhere else. Up the road, around the block, the homeless shelter, a charity, a pawn shop or flea market, for recycling, or someone else in need.

The same philosophy applies to your brain. Are you ‘storing’ a past hurt or grief, or a moment that can never be taken back?

If this is causing you harm then ‘store’ it somewhere else.  Some thoughts need to be left with a specialist, or thrown away to gale force winds, or to the universe. Negative emotions need to be left on the punching bag, or tamed into our strengths.

Ideas and plans need to be revisited and turned into action; to be replaced by something even bigger.

TIP OF THE DAYEvery item that we have has a place where it will fit perfectly.