Professional Organiser in Cape Town South Africa- The best solution to all your house and business organising and co-ordination needs, SORTED is the professional organiser in Cape Town. We cater for a range of needs that ensure your day to day life is made that much easier.

With a wide range of home services to take care of you every need, SORTED is a group of dedicated creatives that embrace functionality to the fullest. Whether cleaning out your house before a move, de-cluttering or going through the trying process of bereavement, we are here to ensure that your belongings are handled with care, discretion and sensitivity. We take into account you needs and wants to give you the best possible space to work with- often a new eye can capture a room like never before.

Professional Organiser in Cape Town

We can help you get organised:

Home and Lifestyle

  • Organising Services
  • Moving Home
  • Bereavement


  • Teacher talks
  • Small business meet-ups

Business Works

  • Layout and design
  • Co-ordination

As an all-inclusive style company, we also offer teacher talks and workshops for small businesses and schools. This is a great way to connect with these individuals on neutral ground and show them the short falls of certain systems, as well as routes to improving skills over all. From “starting a business”, to “what makes a good teacher?”, our talks offer fresh views on age old traditions in learning and business, helping you to grow yourself and those around you.

Professional Organiser in Cape Town

Lastly, our popular business works services offer advice and council on running and opening a business of your own. Whether a start-up or well established brand, we strive to give you guidance to best of our educated abilities so your business can shine. Whether designing the layout and structure of your office space, creating an area conducive to good work, or co-ordinating your business activities, giving you a personal assistant on steroids, we have the means to make your office space as perfect as possible.

Let us give you the space you want and the knowledge you need, contact the SORTED professionals at or phone us on 021 558 5930- we cannot wait to help you.