Organise Your Space – imagine if your brain matched the layout of your physical space.  Would it be spacious, airy and comfortable?  Would it be cluttered with ‘what if’ ideas, what went wrong, where and when, who meant what when they said that? What about the dreams that have been shoved into a corner to be dealt with at a later stage?  In other words, is your brain filled with unnecessary (unhelpful) memories that only bring despair (overwhelm), discontentment and procrastination?
Organise Your Space

Out of sheer desperation, you might want to put yourself in therapy!  Before you do that, consider this. Why not have the courage to start a process of sorting through the clutter in your home and head.  Clutter that is holding you back from your dreams, and from what means the most to you. Do you really need the items that you have or areOrganise Your Space.  you just holding on, all in the name of sentimentality?


Yes, you and your stuff have had good times together: you breastfed your kids on that couch in the winter, and the two rugs with the matching ottomans are where you lazed in the summer months.  You reflect on the many meals and fun conversations shared at the dining-room table.  You have been through many football games with that old gas braai.  Your children have outgrown the beds and the clothes that hold so many memories.  Since you no longer have a use for them, isn’t it time to say goodbye, and let go?


You could invite everyone that shares memories with the items and organise a parting party, tissues and all, but there just isn’t time.  You could pile them into one of the unused rooms; however, they would continue to nag at you, which just creates more overwhelm and brain clutter. Alternatively, contact SORTED, to help you work through the items hiding under the bed and squashed into cupboards, drawers or boxes in your home, garage or office.  We will assist you to eliminate clutter, mess and disorder and create a space that you love to be in.


We help transform your space with plenty of laughter along the trip down memory lane.  Donate, recycle or sell the items you no longer need or use.  You are sure to feel much lighter and a sense of relief once the transformation is completed.


Tip of the day:  You can get rid of your unwanted items but hold onto the cherished memories associated with them.