Letting Go

Letting Go – Is this difficult for you?  We are our space and how we choose to furnish or decorate our space is very personal and a reflection of who we are.
We have been shaped by the ‘things’ in our space, which tell a story of who we are and where we have come from. Some items speak of our connections, explorations, achievements, our personal lives. You hardly ever drink tea, but you have a tea set just like the one that was in grandma’s kitchen. The truth is that you are holding onto it for sentimental reasons.  All is well, but getting rid of any sentimental stuff does not mean throwing away what you had with your loved ones. It simply means that now you have become independent in choosing your own life.
Being able to get rid of clutter in your house should become an automatic decision – yet many struggle with this.  So much has to do with the events in your life – maybe even back to your childhood?  Do you want every item, including the trash, to speak about how hard you have worked, how you came from nothing and have raised yourself to ‘greatness’?  Sometimes the road to the greatest achievements is paved with hard work, and not clutter.
TIP OF THE DAY:  Life’s experiences and memories, not clutter, make you who you are.  So let go of the ‘stuff’ and keep the memories.