Knowing Your Space and Everything in It.

Knowing your space and everything in it?

This is a quick exercise: Close your eyes for a moment and think about your home or works space…..

How many items can you, out of the blue pick out in this space as and when you need?  Can you definitely know, without losing yourself, when you last used it, or what exactly happened to it?  Is there an area of your house that you can never start unpacking or taking items from because it would take a lot of time just putting everything back together where it was? Are some of your spaces so full and mixed up that you have lost count of what it is that you no longer need and what you value the most?

It is understandable, because there are not enough hours in a day to run your business / work, manage social interactions, get some rest for yourself and still have the time to create the sorted system that you would want in your space to give you that airy comfortable feeling.

We at Sorted can help!

Together we can sit down and create a system for your office or home that will have you organised.  We will create a mentally and physically rewarding system where every item will find its suitable place where you can have access to all your needed items at your fingertips without turning the place upside down. We will detail, sort and match item to space to create a regular and orderly system ideally suited to your lifestyle.

Tip of the Day: Decluttering your physical space creates a decluttering of your life in body and mind.


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