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Get your life SORTED

S   is for sorting. Item by item, design by design, colour by colour, and room by room. What would you like to send for donation, toss in the dump, or make a buck by re-selling? Are all your items in their proper place?  Sorting is defined as any process of arranging systematically, in this case, your space defines YOU and how you live your life.

O   is for order. To arrange everything in a way that is understandable and logical in relation to each other and you. It’s when you know where everything is and have access to it, not wasting effort or time.

R   is for re-purposing / recycling. Not everything has to go to the dump.  It’s amazing how a paintbrush, artistic mind and steady hand can transform an item to the most impressive piece. Be creative with the items in your space and have fun. You can also satisfy or enrich yourself by donating to others who will get more use and value out of the item. By recycling, an old scatter cushion can gain new life and become a soft pillow for someone in need.

T   is for tidiness. It’s about being able to maintain your space in a visual and accessible level. With tidiness comes accessibility. You have a clear view of all your stuff and you can retrieve any item without causing a tornado by having to scratch through or move other items out of the way.

E   is for efficiency.  Having an organised space improves efficiency. You know exactly where everything is and how you make use of it, saving you time and energy.

D   is for decluttering. By removing clutter or mess you make space for new opportunities and new energies in your life. By doing this, you will make your living experience more pleasant and useful. No matter how deep the memories attached to old unused items, the expense or the origin, if it’s not pleasant or useful to anybody, it is clutter. It needs to go.


Tip of the Day: Get your life SORTED – your space is an extension of yourself – an uncluttered space is an uncluttered heart and mind.