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We specialise in simple re-organising and decluttering, helping to create a neat, efficient space. Your external environment reflects and affects your inner self. When your workspace or home become cluttered it becomes impossible to function at your best. Let us help you achieve your optimal YOU.

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Decluttering & Organising

Declutter and Organise – I’m sure you’ve heard these words before? But what do they really mean and how do you implement them in your life to live a better YOU?

Let’s start with the theory of these words, shall we?



According to Google, “remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).”

According to SORTED: To say goodbye and find a new home for all the physical items that you don’t use, don’t touch, don’t love, in order to declutter your mind and have a free flow in life without that heavy mountain on your shoulders.


According to  Google: “arrange systematically; order”

According to SORTED: To put systems and habits in place so that you can live with efficiency without feeling overwhelmed by your environment (and in effect your mind) while going about your daily routine or tasks. Being organised is a valuable asset that saves time and money, and improves productivity and relationships with yourself, at home with your family and at work with your colleagues.

Now after looking at the definition of these two words you might think:

 “I’m not a hoarder” or “I can do it myself”.

Jip, this is what we get when we tell people that we declutter and organise.

On the contrary, our general clients are quite organised and it’s very seldom that we have to climb over mountains consisting of filled shopping bags to get to another room in their house (yes, we had to do this too )

Normal life events can quickly clutter up your life and cause frustration. Let’s look at a few we’ve encountered:


  • Marriage and or Divorce
  • The Birth of a Baby
  • Moving to an Empty Nest
  • Starting a New Job, especially if it’s a Home Based Job
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Inheritance and Gifts
  • Growing Businesses vs Time for Oneself
  • The Creative Mind or The Right Brain
  • Downscaling or Moving to a Retirement Village
  • Physical Inabilities 


Taking the next step..


How many times have we heard people say that they’ve started to declutter an area and before they know it, the day is over? All the other tasks they wanted to get to, did not even feature throughout that day.

They’ve unpacked the whole cupboard and then got fixated by, for example a letter that they received in 1985, or realised that they found the hidden paint for the outside chair – got so excited and went to paint the chair rather than focusing on the initial task – to declutter!

Most people do the unpacking very well but get distracted and at the end of the day have to pack all the stuff back. This causes frustration and before you know it, you’ve filled up that space again with new, other junk that you don’t touch, love or use.


Simply start with a blank canvas. This does not mean that you have to unpack the whole garage or bedroom.

Break it up in small little chunks like a cupboard or the toolbox. When you are done with one section, see if there will be enough time to tackle another section.

Before you begin, gather some boxes or storage containers that you will use to organise your clutter. 

Label the boxes as defined below to help you start your decluttering journey. 

  • To Fix
  • To Sell
  • Not for this room
  • To Donate
  • Don’t Know
  • Hubby and/or Childs’ Box
  • Recycling


 If you don’t want this process to drag on for days, months, years or you would rather focus on what YOU are passionate about – call SORTED – this is what we do and what we love!.


 Dear James, Thank you so so much for the wonderful work you did in my home.  I am thrilled with my ‘new look’ bedroom.  You really did a great job.  



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