De-clutter your space with SORTED; Clutter has an influence on your energy levels and the overall quality of your life.  Starting to clear clutter in your work and living spaces is never an easy task.


What is clutter?

Clutter is perceived differently from person to person; for example some people may think that piles of clothes are cluttering up their lives and other people may not.  We sum it up as anything that is stifling up your life, holding you back from doing the things you love, moving on or feeling more organised – anything that prevents you from being and feeling your productive best.

Clutter around you causes clutter in the brain.   It complicates your life, disturbs your day-to-day living and view of your home, and steals precious time and vital energy.


How to De-clutter your space:


What is the most common clutter that we came across?

Tupperware; books and magazines; clothes; cut-out recipes; ornaments; paperwork (like accounts older than 5 years); outdated electrical equipment;  old stationery and those “I will use it one day” items.   And don’t we all know some of these? Look around you right now and smile to yourself as you recognize them.


De-clutter your space

How long must you hang on to stuff?

One year!  If you haven’t touched an item in one year, assess and see if you really need it.  It might be more beneficial to someone else (as a donation) and it will make you feel good.


How does our de-cluttering process work:

We work a room at a time.  We prefer our clients not to be there while we sort through the clutter because the feeling of seeing all their stuff in one place can be very daunting and overwhelming.


We group the items into the following categories:

  • Items we think you must definitely keep.
  • Items that we think are valuable and sellable.
  • Items that could possibly be donated and recycled in a responsible & environmentally friendly way.
  • Items that are unusable and should be disposed of.


After this process, we bring our clients in to go through the piles (sorted using the above 4 categories) and have them tweak the categories.  We then start to pack and organise to create that perfect space of serenity.

It’s amazing how your life, and the lives of those around you, will change, after this beautiful process.  The first step is small – one phone call to SORTED!