Noice transforming into music

Noise transforming into music.

The dessert spoons were furious.  Not once had they complained about being mixed up with all the other spoons but now it was just too much. The entire, old cutlery, loyal for so many years, have now been poured into one drawer to make room for the new cutlery set.   They were all in one drawer with everything else including sharp steak knives – ouch! The forks said they were not complaining; they were just grateful that they did not find themselves in the bin. The espresso spoons didn’t understand the fuss because with this new one drawer thing, they had just become invisible. They felt a little overworked. The house owner, a successful business woman with the most beautiful personality just didn’t have time.

The complaining from the spoons was soon contagious: cups, pots, plates, dishcloths, and even the plastic bags under the sink, all joined in to be heard.  The small grumbling that started innocently in the kitchen drawer became a household noise.  The old television in the garage, barely seen because of the dust it accumulated.  It wanted to be donated or better, to be sold to whomever needed it.  It is in perfect working condition and so jealous to hear Generations on the new flat screen, in the distance.  It was even harder for the plugs and adapters in a supermarket plastic bag behind the television. They had been forgotten when old bedding was put on top of them. The garage was packed to full capacity and amongst the stuff were the items that were but special memories to the family.  What was the point of sentimentality to be packed away, and not in the eye of appreciation?  The sitting room was not comfortable or airy, it was piled with whatever could not fit in the garage, and the new stuff just had to learn to co-habit.

The home office desk was not visible and neither was the dining table. All that was visible on the office desk was a flickering screen-monitor.  The office was filled with huge amounts of paperwork, old and new and files that had now become a huge mess. The bedrooms, not wanting to be left out, also joined in the furore.  The most noise was coming from the cupboards where clothes, shoes and jewellery also voiced their dissatisfaction.

Suddenly, there was a hush from the pot plants in front.  A car marked SORTED had just pulled up in the driveway.  The guy who got out of the car introduced himself to the house owner as James and explained that he and his team are Professional Organisers. They would work with the house owner to clean, give space to the wanted items, and find new homes for the unwanted items either by selling or donating them.  He would help create a working system for items, space and the living creatures at home. It was very exciting for all concerned, that at last, everything would be sorted.

The project started and the noise in the house subsided … and the successful business woman’s cluttered, noisy mind transformed into beautiful music …

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Tip of the week: 

When replacing an item, ask yourself what to do with the old item:  Donate, give to or sell it to someone

that can use it (That old scatter cushion can be someone’s pillow). If you loved it, so will the next person.